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Michał Chojnacki / Studio Warto

Michał is a graphic designer, curator, photographer. He graduated in Film and Photography from the School of Art and Design in Łódź. For many years he was associated with the photography and design festivals in Łódź, as a project coordinator. Since 2017, he is the founder of his own design studio - STUDIO WARTO. He is the author and creator (using manual silk-screen printing) of AQUA POSTERS poster collection designs. This is a collection awarded with the MUST HAVE Award of the ŁÓDŹ DESIGN FESTIVAL in 2018 and with the DESIGN PO LUDZKU prize awarded by Agora Publishing House and Amica in 2019.

Michał also made ART MAPS and is the curator of exhibitions devoted to graphic design and illustrations, called FUN WITH FLAGS (with projects like “P_ex:interactive” and “O TUTAJ!”). He is the founder of his own screen printing studio, located in Łódź, at Piotrkowska Street 101. He is a biathlon fan and owner of a wonderful female dog named Valja.

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