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Hekla Studio

Hekla Studio consists of two graphic designers - Monika Proniewska and Paulina Ufnal. Hekla is involved in visual identification, designing: publications, music album covers and various types of printed matter, as well as press illustration. The studio often cooperates with cultural institutions (e.g. the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, the Cultural Centre in Lublin, the Fundacja Nośna, the Institute of Urban Culture in Gdańsk, the Institute of Design in Kielce). Hekla's illustrations have been published in the magazines "KukBuk", "Zwykłe Życie", "g'rls ROOM", "Non/fiction - nieregularnik reporterski", among others.

In its design work, Hekla Studio uses a variety of techniques with paper: collage, hand-drawn patterns, painted, gradient shapes. In addition to design activities, the studio runs workshops in branding, collage and bookbinding techniques, and creates a series of t-shirts with original drawings transferred onto the material using silkscreen printing techniques. Privately, they are fascinated by volcanoes (Hekla is a volcano located in Iceland), plants and Japanese books.

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