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Paulina Daniluk

Paulina is a designer, graphic designer and illustrator. She specializes in children's illustration and cooperates with publishing houses, magazines, fashion brands and design studios. She is the winner of the Albus Publishing House competition for illustrating a children's book written by Dorota Kassjanowicz, “30 znikających trampolin” (“Thirty Disappearing Trampolines”), as well as the winner of honors in, among others, the PTWK most beautiful book competition in 2017 for "Wampiry, potwory, upiory i inne nieziemskie stwory" (“Vampires, Monsters, Ghosts and Other Unearthly Creatures”), and in the Jasnowidze competition - organized by the Dwie Siostry publishing house.
She lives and works in Warsaw. Her works have been shown at many exhibitions in Poland and abroad. She is a fan of classic cinema, horror movies and cycling trips.

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