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Susie Hammer

Illustrator and author of children's books. A Warsaw native, she has lived in Madrid for the last 10 years where she studied Illustration and Design. She enjoys telling a story through colour and simple forms. Her drawings are mainly aimed at the youngest audience and can be found on paper, textiles, toys and walls. She has more than 20 publications in her portfolio. She complements her work at the desk with work with children; she has taught at a Montessori school and run workshops for the Madrid IED (Istituto Europeo de Diseño).

More recently, she has been working in kindergartens, teaching classes about art. In 2018 she created the project Campos de Juego (Playgrounds) where she designed a space for exploration and play at the Contemporary Art Centre in Murcia (Centro Párraga). In 2019, together with a group of artists from Barcelona, she organised the non-profit project No Planet No Fun, dedicated to the environment and climate change. She loves drawing dogs and singing when no one is listening.

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